A Total Solution for Technology Transfer

Optimization of intellectual property is one of the challenges in today's world, and Japan is moving toward becoming a leading IP nation through patent transfer. At SIGMA IP, we cover not only Japan, but the whole world. We will support you in finding a licensee for your technology or in finding technologies that you are looking for.

SIGMA IP is associated with TYNAX (California) which is collecting technology-related information from over 10,000 sites in the world.
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Online Technology Exchange & Technology News Service

List Your Technology

Want to market your technology?

It is not always so simple to send a message in an effective way to potential licensees for your technology. Just fill in our listing form, and information on your technology will be up on the Net and reach a global audience.

Look for Technology

Want to source a technology to create a new product?

Sourcing new technologies requires a good deal of research and analysis. We will help you find a technology, and support you until the transfer is completed. List the technologies you are looking for, and it will be delivered to potential licensers.

You can find available technologies on the site and contact technology holders directly by e-mail for more information.

Monitor Your Market

Want to monitor market trends?

You can get the information that you really want quickly and continuously. You can specify various types of information including investment data, news on competitors, market trends, patent information, etc.

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