Consulting for Healthcare Business

Utilizing many years of experience in the medical industry and strong connections with prominent physicians, Sigma IP offers optimum solutions for the healthcare business.

Preliminary Market Research & Analysis

For foreign medical device manufacturers who are looking for an opportunity to enter the Japanese market, we research the potential market size of the product, how the product will fit into the Japanese market, who the main competitors are, etc.

Marketing Support

We provide market support to complete strategic entry into the Japanese market. We will also find potential business partners or distributors in Japan.

Sales Support

After the product is introduced into the Japanese market, we help to work out sales strategies, implement programs, prepare sales tools, etc.

Preparations of Sales Materials

We create sales materials such as catalogues, pamphlets and operating manuals in Japanese, and any other sales tools to expedite business.

Expert Translation

Our experienced staff will translate clinical papers, research papers, etc. as well as sales materials.

Foreign Market Research

For Japanese companies who want to set up operations overseas, we conduct market researches on medical device situations, medical data, etc. We also research the potential market size of the product, feasibility, the competition, future prospects, etc.

Information Service

We provide information related to state-of-the-art medical technologies, hot technologies, etc. at home and abroad. This includes information on patents and intellectual properties.